Analysis of the work. Design work. Model characteristics of work.


Creating a motivating job.

Work analysis is the process of establishing tasks, areas of responsibility related to this work.

For each job you need to determine:

1) What is the complexity of the job.

2) What professional qualifications and abilities are required to do the job.

Ways to analyze the work:

1) experimentally.

2) soc. survey, interview, questioning.

Based on the analysis of the work, the selection of people capable of performing this work is carried out.

By abilities we mean what h / c can do.

The performance indicators are influenced by 2 types of abilities:

- cognitive

- physical

Cognitive abilities:

  • verbal ability
  • numerical ability
  • ability to justify
  • deductive ability
  • ability to see dependencies
  • spatial ability
  • perceptual capacity

Checked through test.

Two main types of physical abilities:

  • motor skills
  • physical skills

Physical ability is measured through the involvement of a person to perform certain actions.

There are 4 main ways to enable managers to achieve compliance of employees with the work performed:

  • employee selection through ability testing
  • alignment according to hierarchy of abilities
  • training - as a way to improve abilities
  • work planning

Planning (design work)

Work scheduling is the process of transforming tasks into specific types of work, making decisions about what resources, equipment and processes will be used in carrying out these tasks.

There is a two-way relationship between behavior and work:

  • controlling the behavior can change the quality of work
  • well-organized workflow can change employee behavior

Performance of work depends on its context.

The context of the work - the business environment in which the work is done and the many circumstances associated with its performance.

These include:

  • mental filling
  • fair remuneration
  • suitable working conditions
  • suitable employees

There are two types of approach to the design of work:

  • Expansion and Enrichment Model
  • Performance Model

Expansion (consolidation) of work - adding to the existing work of others of the same scale of complexity - expansion of work horizontally.

Enrichment of work - expansion of work by adding to it management functions, i.e. vertical expansion.

Work enrichment techniques:

  • Combining tasks into one
  • Creating organic work places
  • Establishing relationships with customers responsible for satisfying their requests

1) Expansion of work on a vertical

2) Work Performance Model (Richard Heckman and Gergard Oldham)

The model is based on identifying the factors that make the work truly motivating.

Evaluation of the work assignment in order to establish its compliance with the personality of the worker and the results of the work.

Model characteristics of work.

  Analysis of the work.  Design work.  Model characteristics of work.


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