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Electrotechnical disciplines, Electronics

Acoustoelectronics and acoustooptics  (17)

Sensors  (27)

Diagnostics, maintenance and repair of electronic and radio equipment  (98)

Power supplies for electronic equipment  (37)

Qualimetry reliability and quality  (20)

Quantum electronics  (19)

Computer circuitry and computer architecture  (50)

Computer networks  (17)

Design and engineering of electronic equipment  (66)

METROLOGY AND ELECTROradio-measurement  (39)

Reliability of electronic devices  (10)

GSM Basics  (68)

Radio tubes and ion devices  (21)

Radio Engineering Systems  (37)

Circuit design  (0)

Television and antennas. Theory. Broadcast and cable. Digital and analog  (14)

The television. Theory. Satellite  (16)

Telecommunication Services and Devices  (43)

Devices for the reception and processing of radio signals, Transmission, reception and processing of signals  (114)

Microwave Devices and Antennas  (54)

Photonics  (4)

Digital signal processing  (14)

Digital devices. Microprocessors and microcontrollers. computer operating principles  (43)

Electromagnetic compatibility  (1)

Electromechanical devices of electronic devices  (29)

Electronics, Microelectronics, Element Base  (89)

Electrical Engineering, Circuit design  (113)