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Artificial Intelligence

Computational Neuroscience (Theory of Neuroscience) Theory and Applications of Artificial Neural Networks  (19)

Automatic translation of texts  (1)

Automatic speech synthesis  (1)

Automatic extraction of facts from the text (fact extraction)  (2)

Auto Speech Recognition  (5)

Auto abstract  (0)

Biological modeling of artificial intelligence  (2)

Computational Intelligence  (17)

Indexing a Large Set of Keys with State Machines  (5)

Intelligent Agents. Multi agent systems  (10)

Intelligent Information Systems  (12)

Data mining >>>

Artificial Intelligence  (17)

Artificial Intelligence. Basics and history. Goals.  (26)

Machine learning  (25)

machine art  (16)

Models and research methods  (25)

Knowledge Representation Models  (19)

Natural Language Modeling of Thought Processes and Character Modeling >>>

Natural language processing (basics)  (7)

Optical character recognition  (0)

Approaches and Directions  (17)

The practical application of artificial intelligence  (5)

Presentation and use of knowledge  (25)

Miscellaneous  (6)

Pattern recognition  (28)

Robotics  (55)

Connection with other sciences and cultural phenomena  (18)

knowledge management systems (expert systems)  (1)

Creating question and answer systems  (7)

Creation of electronic dictionaries, thesauruses, ontologies  (1)

Evolutionary algorithms  (9)

Expert systems  (6)