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Programming and Informatics

Algorithmization and programming. Structural programming. C language  (27)

Algorithms and data structures >>>

Databases, knowledge and data warehousing. Big data, DBMS and SQL and noSQL >>>

security. Cryptography. Steganography. Cryptanalysis. Information Security >>>

Malicious, and information security  (19)

Scripting client side JavaScript, jqvery, BackBone  (79)

Running server side scripts using PHP as an example (LAMP)  (103)

Highly loaded projects. Theory of parallel computing. Supercomputers. Distributed systems  (37)

design software UI and Web design  (33)

Project idea  (4)

Data mining  (10)

seo, smo, monetization, basics of internet marketing  (173)

Informatics  (126)

History of computer technology and IT technology  (61)

Cascading CSS / CSS3 Style Sheets  (33)

Quality Assurance  (68)

Quantum informatics  (9)

computer graphics  (2)

Computer games  (14)

Cross platform programming  (16)

Methods and means of computer information technology  (27)

Software reliability  (30)

Neurobionics  (9)

Object oriented programming >>>

LINUX operating system  (43)

Operating Systems and System Programming  (26)

Fundamentals of Internet and Web Technologies  (18)

Mobile Programming (Android IOs)  (52)

SMM Social Media Promotion  (16)

Web site or software design  (33)

Industrial programming. programmable logic controllers simatic >>>

Software and information systems development  (44)


C ++ (C plus plus)  (38)

Content Management Systems (CMS)  (32)

Стили и методы программирования  (19)

Theory of Automata  (15)

Information and Coding Theory  (40)

Refactoring theory  (12)

Computer Engineering Technologies  (18)

software project management  (59)

Famworks  (7)

Functional programming  (8)

Programming Languages and Methods / Translation Theory  (32)