Artificial Intelligence in the industry


The first successful commercial expert system, R1, appeared in DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation). This program helped to make configurations for fulfilling orders for new computer systems; by 1986, it allowed DEC to save about $ 40 million a year. By 1988, a group of artificial intelligence company DEC had deployed 40 expert systems, and plans for further deployment provided for an even greater number of such systems.

Du Pont employed 100 systems, another 500 were in development, and the savings achieved were approximately $ 10 million per year. Almost every major US corporation created its own artificial intelligence group and either used expert systems or conducted their research.

In 1981, in Japan, the deployment of a fifth-generation computer project was announced - a 10-year plan to develop intelligent computers running the Prolog language .

In response, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation ( MCC ) was formed in the United States as a research and development consortium designed to ensure the competitiveness of American industry.

In both cases, artificial intelligence became part of a general plan, including its use for chip design and conducting research in the field of human-machine interface. But the ambitious goals set by experts in the field of artificial intelligence in projects MSS and computers of the fifth generation, have not been achieved.

Nevertheless, in Britain a report was issued by Alvey (Alvey), which provided for the resumption of funding, curtailed on the basis of the report Lighthill.

In general, there has been a rapid growth in the artificial intelligence industry, starting with several million dollars in 1980 and ending with billions of dollars in 1988. However, shortly thereafter, a period came which was called the “winter of artificial intelligence”, during which many companies suffered because they failed to fulfill their enticing promises.

  Artificial Intelligence in the industry
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