Criteria bases of personal behavior


Criteria basis of human behavior.

The criteria-based behavior of a person includes those stable characteristics of his personality, which determine the choice of decision-making by a person about his behavior.

Characteristics determining criterion behavior:

1) Location - a priori attitude to people, a group of people, things, org-tions, processes; determines positive or negative evaluation on it.

There are 3 types of location:

a) job satisfaction.

b) enthusiasm for work (types of dedication: - love for work in general; - love for specific work, vol. man-com.

c) commitment to the organization.

2) Values ​​- a set of standards and criteria that a person follows in his life; values ​​are stable in time, yavl. regulatory framework of morality.

3) Belief: mouth. idea of ​​the phenomenon, the process or h-ke, cat. people use them for their perception.

4) Principles are defined. rules of conduct, based on the values ​​or can be developed independently.

5) The positions of people (constant or unequivocal internal relations to the same people, to the same situations, to what they like and vice versa. Position to serve as protection at the moment of danger.

6) Every person is har-Xia level of pretense, a cat. Har-et degree of difficulty goals, to achieve the cat. seeks identity.

Ext. factors affecting human behavior:

1) Circle of communication can be personal or official, predetermined official postcards. In practice, there are: a circle of periodic communication, near communication. each circle of communication develops its own micro-ethics.

2) The role, har-Xia aggregate of actions expected from a person in accordance with its individual psychological characteristics and place in the management hierarchy.

3) Status- assessment of the surrounding personalities of his role.


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