Organizational culture. Model of organizational culture


Organizational culture

The combination of various elements, including traditions, norms, beliefs, value orientations, shared by all members of the organization.

The main elements of organizational culture:

  • The system of values ​​- the basic philosophies and ideas adopted in the organization
  • Leadership styles
  • Heroes of the organization
  • Ceremonies and rituals
  • The cultural network of an organization is a hidden hierarchy of power, an informal structure of an organization.

Models of organizational culture

  Organizational culture.  Model of organizational culture

Factors affecting the formation of organizational culture

  • External - general economic conditions, national characteristics (tradition, culture), class ethical differences, business environment
  • Internal - mission and goals, strategy, nature and content of work, personality of the manager, qualification, personnel education.

In an organization there is:

  • Dominant culture
  • Minority subculture
  • Counterculture


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