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Data Management

Data-driven control is a universal architecture that organizes the computational process on principles that are qualitatively different from traditional algorithmic control. The technology provides natural parallelism and high efficiency of calculations, can serve as the basis for the creation of new operating systems and hardware technologies of the 21st century.

Apparatus underdetermined computing

Underdetermined computing (n-computing) is a fundamentally new theory and technology for effectively solving a wide range of problems, from applied computing to artificial intelligence. This technology uses data management with its natural parallelism and high efficiency. Qualitatively expands the possibilities of working with information and computational models of increased complexity, allowing you to significantly simplify the process of creating the next generation of systems and technologies, in particular, in such areas as economics, finance, management, management of complex objects and production processes, engineering calculations, and so on. d.

Abroad, this direction has been called constraint programming and since the beginning of the 90s it has been increasingly developed as one of the most promising. RosNII AI is a world leader in the works of this direction. The device of n-calculations allows to remove the limitations characteristic of traditional methods, and provides a qualitative leap in the technology of information systems: a significant expansion of the range of tasks, improving the quality of the solutions obtained, and, as a result, saving time and user costs. At the same time, in many classes of problems, the efficiency of the solution is increased tenfold compared to the best known algorithms.

Technology Active Objects (TAO)

TAO is a new software technology that ensures the further development of an object-oriented approach based on data management. The multi-agent architecture that is gaining ever wider development in the world significantly simplifies the specification of the behavior of objects, turning them into active autonomous entities that interact asynchronously with each other and with the environment. When developing technology, special attention is paid to its application for dynamic process control systems, data flows, CAD systems, systems with complex interactive interfaces, etc. Thanks to a multi-agent architecture based on data management, TAO programs have a natural high parallelism that does not require any additional efforts side of the developer or user.

Semantic-oriented natural language text analysis

An original approach that solves the problem of computer understanding of natural language information in a particular subject area. It is used to create a number of applied software products of the new generation: user interfaces in natural language and automatic understanding of texts of a specific subject when developing integrated automation systems in office work, medicine, commercial activities, education, and many others.

ALEX word processing technology

Almost all types of substantive processing of textual information, including advanced systems for extracting data and knowledge from texts, search engines, etc., depend on the capabilities of the apparatus for recognizing complex structures. Our technology Alex, providing these capabilities, has proven its effectiveness in several pilot projects and has entered the stage of commercial implementation.

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