Verbal non-verbal communication


Verbal communications are carried out using oral speech, as a coding system

Successful if:

  • Have feedback
  • Take into account the personal meaning of the message

In verbal communication, the main thing is the ability to speak and the ability to listen.

The ability to speak means the ability to convey information to the addressee and influence it on his behavior.

The ability to listen (perceive a sound of a certain value) must be separated from the concept of hearing (physically perceive sound)

Useful tips:

  • Do not take silence for attention
  • Do not pretend to be listening
  • Do not interrupt unnecessarily.
  • Do not make hasty conclusions
  • Do not let yourself be caught in a dispute.
  • Do not ask too many questions.
  • Do not be too sensitive and emotional to words.
  • Do not give advice until they are asked.
  • Do not pretend to be a refuge

Non - verbal - message sent by the sender without the use of words as a coding system

Value: spontaneously and unconsciously manifested.

There are 4 distances for interpersonal communication between the interlocutors:

  • Intimate (from 0 to 45 cm)
  • Personal (from 45 to 120 cm)
  • Social (from 120 to 400 cm)
  • Public (from 400 to 750 cm)

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